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Ruth Schulz is a cognitive scientist and robot enthusiast who enjoys using robots to do interesting things

She is currently working with Professor Marc Toussaint in the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab at the University of Stuttgart where she is co-lecturing the Practical Course Robotics and exploring human-robot collaboration on table-top tasks

From 2014 to 2016 she worked on Human Cues for Robot Navigation at Queensland University of Technology

In 2015, she taught part of the Microprocessors and Digital Systems course at Queensland University of Technology

In 2013, she taught half of the Introduction to Robotics course at Queensland University of Technology and helped to organise the QUT SEF Showcases for final year students completing capstone projects in Engineering, IT, and Games

She was involved in the Museum Telepresence Robot in the ICT Centre at CSIRO, which has allowed students from around Australia to remotely visit the National Museum of Australia in Canberra

While based in the School of ITEE at The University of Queensland, Ruth was involved in the Lingodroids project developing language learning robots that constructed shared lexicons

Ruth taught the Artificial Intelligence course at The University of Queensland for several years

She is interested in robot language, navigation, artificial intelligence, social robots, and human-robot interactions